Custom Engine in the works

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Custom Engine in the works

Post by Lewa » Tue Mar 13, 2018 9:03 pm

This topic is not entirely related to Celaria as a game (but it has affected the development/progress on the game).
As i don't really have any active blog on the internet, i figured i would post this at least here so that others can try it.

So this is the custom game engine which i've been working on in the past weeks/months.
It was written in C++, uses various libraries (SDL for windowing/input, Bulletphysics for collision detection, libpng for texture loading, etc...)
and requires an Graphics Card with (at least) OpenGL 3.3 capability (or higher) as well as a Windows 64-bit operating system.

As this is an early version of the engine it is entirely possible that bugs and/or crashes occur during runtime.
Here are a few screenshots:
[+] Spoiler
The current gameprototype build in this engine features a "singleplayer" mode which is basically just a simple map consisting of randomly placed blocks in order to test out the character controller and physics engine of the game.
The map-editor (while still WIP) has the ability to create/transform and delete objects. Saving and loading of maps is also implemented.

The controls for the player are as follows:
- WASD for movement
- SPACE to jump
- LEFT MOUSE BUTTON for deploying a rope (for basic rope physics)
- ESC opens pause menu

The controls for the editor:
- WASD for movement
- LEFT CLICK selecting an object
- SHIFT + LEFT CLICK selecting objects without deselecting previous ones (allowing you to select multiple objects)
- TAB switching between translation/rotation/scale
- ENTER switching between the player controller and the editor
- DEL deleting selected objects
- ESC opens pause menu

Here is the download of the engine alpha:


Celaria will not be ported over to this new engine (it's far too late for that) but i hope that future projects will be able to benefit from it from this point on.

As always, feedback is appreciated in any form. (Be it here on the forum and/or email, twitter, etc...)

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