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General Forum Rules

Post by Lewa » Wed Nov 25, 2015 1:00 am

There are of course some forum rules people have to follow in order to maintain somewhat peaceful atmostphere and avoid unnessecary spam.

The rules are (if not stated otherwise):
  • Any kind of rude/offensive behaviour is not acceptable
  • Spam (advertising, double-posts, repeatedly spamming a topic with messages in a short amount of time) is prohibited
  • Don't use this forum as a chat (this falls under the spamming rule)
Note: Criticism (either positive and/or negative) is always welcome as long as it isn't going to be offensive/rude.

If one of those rules is broken i will take action against it and edit or remove the affected post entirely. The user who infringed on such rule will also be notified via PM.

Forumposts which were made by bots will also get deleted alongside with the user account.

The forum rules can change in the future at any point in time.


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