How to report a bug

Bugs (physics-bugs,crashes during gameplay,UI-errors,etc...) belong here.
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How to report a bug

Post by Lewa » Tue Dec 01, 2015 9:18 pm

I created this guide in order to make bugreports as effective as possible.
(Note that the normal forum rules also apply here. No spam, etc...)

So i divide the bugs in two types:
1. Crashes
2. Bugs (which don't crash the game. Like gamelogic behaving not as intended, physics bugs, etc...)

Depending on what type of bug you have, you should be following a different sheme for posting your bugreport.

IMPORTANT! Before you submit your bugreport, please take a minute to look if someone already posted the exact same bug/crash in this forum section (either by manually looking in the "Bugreports" forumsection or by using the search-function) in order to avoid duplicate entries.

1. Crashes
If the game crashes, you will recieve an popupmessage which reports you important information as to what went wrong in the gamecode.
Such a message may look like this:

In this case start a new topic with the title "[Crash] <Short description here>"
Now copy & paste the errormessage into your post and describe when this bug happend and how to reproduce it (if it is possible to do so.)

An example of such a bugreport would be:
Title: [Crash] Crash at the start of the game

The errormessage:

Code: Select all

action number 1
of Create Event
for object dll_handler:

Error defining an external function.
at gml_Script_initWindowDLL
stack frame is
gml_Script_initWindowDLL (line 0)
gml_Object_dll_handler_Create_0r_render_scene (line 0) gml_Object_obj_render_Draw_0
Happened right at the start of the game. Downloaded the game from indieDB, unzipped it to the desktop and startet the game exe.
The gameversion is "Open Alpha V3".
My specs are:
* Windows 7 64 Bit
* 4GB Ram
* Geforce GTX 750 with 1GB V-Ram

2. Bugs
If you happen to encounter a bug (not a crash) then your title should start with "[Bug] <short description here>"
In your post, describe the bug with words or (if possible) with a video which you uploaded to one of the many video-sharing sites (like youtube.)

If this is a visual/graphical bug (missing geometry, flickering, etc...) then a video and/or screenshots will be immensely helpfull.
Also don't forget to mention what your game version is.

What game version am i playing on?
If you start your game, you can see the gameversion in the bottom right corner of the screen (marked red in the screenshot below)

In this case the gameversion is "Open Alpha v3". Please mention this information in your reports.


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