[Bug] Uh, texture bug thing?

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Re: Uh, texture bug thing?

Post by Lewa » Sun Sep 25, 2016 4:10 pm

I think i found this issue. (For the last 2 weeks i was working on the game exclusively on my laptop with an intelHD GPU and also experienced this problem 2-3 times.)

This bug can occur when there are no blocks placed in the scene (which happens if you are in the editor with an empty map.)
The game merges all blocks which are placed in the scene in one gigantic mesh (except purpble checkpoint blocks. Those are handled differently) in order to reduce draw-calls and thus reduce CPU usage.
Now, when you start the editor from the menu the whole mesh (or to be precise: the vertex buffer of the coresponding mesh) is cleared alongside all existing block entities.

I don't know why, but sometimes (when the vertex buffer is empty) the IntelHD driver seems to go nuts and starts displaying random stuff. (seems like it is some random or corrupted data from the ram.)
If you place at least one block in the scene the visual bug goes away as the vertex buffer is being filled and the driver starts to work correctly again. (No need to restart the game multiple times. Although it will still display this "garbage" data if you clear the vertex buffer by deleting all blocks on the map.)

Basically, it's a driver bug. (which has to be fixed by intel.)
However, i will work around it by including a simple fix: The game will only display the vertex buffer/mesh if it was filled with data (basically if blocks were placed in the scene.) It doesn't fix the underlying problem of the driver itself though.

Intels drivers are notorious for weird/unspecified behaviour like this. (Look up IntelHD specific threads on DirectX and OpenGL developer forums.) That's the reason why more often than not you can read on the system requirements of a lot of games thigs like "Onboard Chipsets (IntelHD) aren't officially supported."

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