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Map showcase rules

Post by Lewa » Thu Jan 21, 2016 7:35 pm

As in every other category, the general forum rules apply.

Here you can you create topics about your own custom maps to showcase and share them with others.

If you create a topic, it is recommended to add at least one screenshot of your map.
Note that there isn't an official map-sharing server as of yet.
This means that for the time being you have to upload your custom mapfiles to other filehosting solutions (Dropbox, etc...) and post links for the download in the forum topics.

Note that any kind of scam (like putting a link to a virus) is against the forum rules and will be handled accordingly. (Worst case scenario: Ban.)

Do you want to make your own map or you want to know how to play custom maps? Check out the introduction/tutorial for the built-in map editor:


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